The Sunrider products are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, which makes a great deal of sense, as our bodies are designed to naturally do what is necessary for us to be healthy.  In listening to all of the stories that I hear people tell about there experience with the Sunrider products, the common recurring theme is that they feel great.  I have heard unbelievable stories of recovery from illnesses from using the products.  They all entail that instead of taking all of the medications that they were on, they started using the natural herb products and noticed results very quickly.  I have never been a fan of drugs, as they always have side effects.  They may help with one thing, but they almost always seem to be detrimental to something else.  I am glad that I have found these Sunrider products that promote natural health through our bodies inherent systems that are designed to do just that.  I will encourage everyone that I know to give these products a try and I am confident that they will be hooked for life and really enjoy the way that they begin to feel on a daily basis.  The only side effect that I discovered in using the products myself is that I lost weight and I am very pleased with this side effect!  Please visit my other pages to find out more and don't hesitate to reach out to me for more information.

The Sunrider philosophy does not concentrate on particular ailments, treatments, cures. Cures and treatments belong to the medical profession. The Sunrider philosophy is more concerned with fortifying the body against the constant barrage of negative outside influences.


The early Chinese physicians believed that instead of taking medicine to help cure a health problem, one should instead eat the proper herbs to prevent the body from even getting sick. The Chinese physician was paid to keep his patients well!  If they became ill, payment ceased until he got his patients well again!  The Physician to the Emperor had strong incentive to keep his employer well — if the Emperor died, his Physician would be buried with him!


When the body is strong, it will generally repel illness and disease or cure itself as it is meant to. The body gives in to disease when it is lacking the proper nutrition. Poor nutrition for an extended period of time causes a degenerative cycle within the body. When one part of the body lacks nutrients it will take the nutrients from other parts of the body which creates new weaknesses which will eventually cause the body to degenerate.  When the body begins to degenerate, most people from our western culture will make an effort to substitute something else for what the body needs — nutrition.  The West has generally learned to sacrifice good health for an immediate solution to a problem.  This culture must learn that good health can only be attained and retained when the body is supplied the nutrients it needs to perform its intended functions. As people gain an understanding of the unique nutritional nature of Sunrider products, they can take the necessary steps to provide their bodies with the nutrition and fortification that is needed to remain healthy.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen founded the Sunrider Corporation in December 1982.  Dr. Chen has a background as a Taiwanese Medical Officer, pharmacist and a research biochemist.  His wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen is a licensed Medical Doctor.  Dr. Chen's Sunrider philosophy is REGENERATION. In order to understand what regeneration is, there are three important principles to remember.

  • Principle #1:  The body heals itself with proper nutrition
  • Principle #2:  The body is designed to obtain its nutrition from Whole Foods.
  • Principle #3:  Each person must be willing to accept responsibility for his or her own health.


Most Sunrider formulas are based on ancient manuscripts recorded by temple priests and court doctors of China.  Dr. Chen's great grandfather obtained the manuscripts during the Boxer Rebellion, and they remain in the family to this day.  The manuscripts cover thousands of years of experience with the use of plants and herbs, and the different ways in which they affect the body.  The Sunrider formulas have been used and eaten by people for centuries.  Using the manuscripts, Dr. Chen has applied modem technology to make these formulas available today in an easy-to-use form.


  • Sunrider foods nourish the processes of health and encourage body balance.
  • Sunrider formulas are not "for" any specific ailment!
  • When eaten, Sunrider foods do not conflict with other foods or medications taken.

LIFE FORCE – The "LIFE FORCE" has been captured and preserved, giving the basic tool for regeneration at the cellular level. Eating Sunrider is adding the highest nutrition available. Live Juiced Foods. (Most other companies simply buy dried herbs, grind them up, and put them in capsules).


FOOD GRADE HERBS - Sunrider uses food-grade herbs (not medicinal), grown in fertile, healthy soil in China and Taiwan. The herbs contain no preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, wax coatings, irradiation, food coloring, artificial flavoring or added sweeteners. Rather than medicinal herbs controlling or substituting for the weakened body, thus weakening it even further, food herbs give strength, vitality and life.


UNIQUE FORMULAS - Based on the Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration to Nourish, Balance and Cleanse the body. Sunrider foods do not focus on disease but rather create an environment of wellness where health can flourish. The Chinese discovered that they could often improve the effects of the herbs by blending them in combinations, or formulas.

"PREDIGESTED" – Sunrider's One-of-a-kind processing assures maximum assimilation (like pre-digested). This is why babies and seniors thrive on these nourishing food herbs.


CONCENTRATED - To concentrate plants, Dr. Chen separates the oils and the water-based fluids (which is where the nutrients are), spray-dries them together and eliminates the indigestible bulk. He takes special precautions to keep the oils from evaporating, to keep precipitates from forming, to keep enzyme reactions from changing the chemical properties of the plants. 4 – 7 pounds of herbs are powerfully concentrated down to 1 pound (some foods 30 pounds to 1), by extracting the "nectar" of the herbs.


ENHANCED - Enhancing means treating plants to improve their effects. For example, they may be soaked in solutions made from other plants; they may be dried in certain ways, and so on. Because of historic Chinese expertise, each individual ingredient is prepared in such a way to bring out its unique, superior qualities and to negate weaknesses. Sunrider's ENHANCEMENT truly makes each prepared food very exclusive and not able to be copied.

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